Yes or no for influencers?

A big influencer world

When you are a newbie or self-learner in the digital world you may struggle to get clicks to your website.
Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads, hiring an influencer- there are so many options which may work or not if you don’t really know how to use them.

Not such a long time ago as the beginner in the digital world, I was very open-minded and looked for different types of advertising in social media. The powerful influencer market gives so many options, which are usually expensive when you are tight on budget. I’ve tried few options of cooperation with influencers. I’d like to share with you one of them- my experience in using shout cart platform. Which seemed to be a good option for every single budget, even the lowest one. But did that really work?

The influencer report survey says that 61% of consumers, in age from 18 to 34 made up a purchase decision cause of the online influencer suggestions (Influencer Marketing report 2020).

All marketers agree that hired influencer needs to be relevant to a company profile. Advertise content must reflect their style, activity, ideally, that person should already be a fan of the promoted brand. The content they create must be authentical and transparent.

There are some platforms who allowed you to search for potential influencers. More than half of brands who hire influencers search for them manually on social media, forums etc. The most important key is to avoid those who have fake followers.  85% of marketers say that checking basic engagement (just like comments, likes etc.) is the most important part of hiring influencer with a real audience.

In 2018 only on Instagram, influencer market was worth $1 billion. This market is growing up very quickly and the forecast shows it will be worth $2 billion in 2019. 29% of household brands never worked with influencers, 35% of them work with influencers but their marketing plan is not older than 2 years.

Micro or top influencers?

Last year shows more interest in hiring micro-influencers(100 000 followers) that top ones( 1millionn followers ).

Micro- influencers have a more precise niche, usually shows a higher engagement rate and the audience is built from real followers. Their audience is concentrated in a certain area, there are more cost effective and they have a great connection with their followers. The content created by them is more authentical.  Some marketers say that ROI cooperations with few micro and niche- influencers is higher than cooperation with just one top influencer.

61% of consumers of micro-influencers says that their activity is approachable than the top influencers. 43% are more likely to engage and join the dialogue.

Fake and bought followers

It is not a secret you can buy followers. I was really shocked when I found out some pictures and videos about Instagram likes vending machine:

I also receive some emails with followers packets from certain companies.

Here is one of the many websites who offer followers for money( screenshot 03.12.2018).

The shaded area of bought followers is easy to detect by websites like   which is very common to use by digital marketers. The chart will show any drastic increase in the number of followers in the past. Which should be a red alert before hiring this influencer. The buying followers practise is also highly risky and there are some cases when an Instagram account has been suspended by this unfair game. The bots usually do not show any engagement. If they do it’s only like of the Instagram picture or post common comments: Great content! Very inspiring! Keep going! Great picture! Love it etc.

It is not how companies want to engage with potential customers, those fake accounts or from countries where they are not targeting never will interest in a brand- or in this case an influencer offer.

Of the beginning in the digital marketing world, I was open for some options in promoting our website and social media. I enjoyed reading some blog posts dedicated to developing your e-commerce shop on the Shopify blog  and found one article about hiring influencers via

The whole idea of hiring influencer via Instagram with very little money seems to be good. I’ve tried to find any REAL opinions through blogs or forums. Found only one post and few comments on Reddit, which didn’t really look encouraging.

Let’s say half of the opinions were: shout cart brought traffic and another half were: no traffic at all.

I decided to give a try and after a long time finally to share my experience with you.


What is?

It is a platform with registered influencers you can hire to promote your product, event etc. on their Instagram account.

Shout cart has 400 + millions registers influencers on their platform! That number sounds insane! (Screen shot 10.12.2018)

To start using shout cart you need to register.

When you are finally in your account you can choose from buying shout cart or selling them- I do have experience only in buying them.

The seller and buyer account are created during the same registration process. I am not sure how strict they are in selecting influencers( don’t want to spoiler right now!). All the details provided during the registration are standard. Later on, you need to add your Instagram account and more specific details about the promotion. 

To start promotion you need to top up your account. During my promotions, the minimum balance was $50. That was around January and February 2018. At the moment the minimum balance is $100. I’d like to highlight this money are not refundable at all! Once balance is charged you are not able to take your money back- unless you will take legal action.

Simple dashboard show browse, influencers packages (it is a new thing since I used it last time back in February), charts, orders, balance and profile settings. 

In the browse option, there is a number of filters which speed up the search process. You can hire influencer via Instagram, Instagram + link in their bio, Instagram story, Instagram story + link in bio or via Twitter. You can select influencer with personal or page account. More handy categories to pick up are related with topics that influencers are familiar: humour & memes, fashion & style, fitness & sports, cars & bikes etc; demographics, number of followers and score. The score is a unique algorithm calculated from an engagement of influencer. A higher score should reflect more authentical account. 

The number of followers of influencers starts from as little as 3 500 and prices start from $10. The browse panel is very easy to use and well organised to save time. Remember 400+ million influencers! The first thing you may notice during searches there is a bigger number of kind of fan pages accounts than privates. By fan pages I mean posted pictures are not taken by owners but reshare from different accounts. By clicking to selected influencer you can check their basic details: score, success rate, followers, a short description with details what their profile is about, the best performing hours, their audience, pricing and types of offers.

Influencers offers are different and wary of account, a number of followers. May start from just $10 but already fount offers around $800 per one post. Types of promotions you can get are for example 2h shout cart, permanent shout cart, 6h short cart + link in bio, Instagram story 24h, Instagram story 24h + link in bio. 

You can easily mark favourite influencers and finally start creating your campaign. To go ahead you need to select the offer you are interested in, let say 6 hours of shout cart and link in bio. Now all you need to do is to add campaign details and upload a picture. Ideally is add a content with will easily blend with profile. Select the date and time you want to post your content and wait for influencer approval.

Seems to be very easy, right?

My campaigns

Before I decided to run any campaign I was very suspicious if that would work at all. 

I’ve decided to promote two types of product: belt bag set with travelling/ fashion influencer and belts for gentlemen with fashion gent influencers.

I’ve done a good research, pick up few, good looking accounts, with some engagement. I checked their account on engagement calculator, their score wasn’t very high but wasn’t the lowest too. Also, check their engagement straight on the Instagram account. There were some likes, comments, kind of real looking comments, their pictures were looking like taken by them, not from Fotolia, not fake. 

I set up 4 campaigns in total. Three of them for travelling, one for gentlemen fashion. Decided to use the picture for the travelling set.

I placed and order and influencers accepted them and showed on their Instagram profiles on selected dates and times. I received an email when my order was realised and also a standard notification I’ve been tag in someones post.

belt bag

Profiles I picked up had some travelling content. The number of followers  between 12.7k- 43.5k. Every post option was a bit different: 2h with link in bio, 2h and 4 hours shout out. The price per single service was $8-$10. Just the table below.

As you can see in campaign statistics, in two of them there is no data provided (screenshots were taken at the end of October). For sure, these campaigns were run. 

Now compare the number of visits to our shop in time of these shoutcarts:

There is no any significant increase in shop visits via Instagram. Only a few single visits which may be taken not even by followers of selected influencers. There was no extra profile follows on our Instagram too. A bit disappointing in terms of size of their audience. My picture on their profile got a lots of likes and comments.

Cause of the low or even no effects of these ‘campaigns’ and the fact that account balance is not refundable at all, I decided to do the last shout out and finish my poor adventure with that platform. 

This time I picked up picture dedicated for the male audience. This account was promoting pictures and voting under about outfits, accessories, clothes etc. There were some comments and responds. I decided to pick up the influencer with 12.2k followers and post my picture for 12 hours with a link in bio.

That’s the picture and type of content I decided to upload:

Yes or no for Shout cart influencers- my conclusions

I do like the concept of the platform and the number of influencers you can choose from. The whole searching tool is super handy and allows to save time just to highlight the groups we want to promote. 

After my test, I do not have too many positive opinions about that type of cooperation with influencers. The only way it could work is cooperation with profiles who always share inspirations and tag people in but they still need to have a very high engagement.

The first problem you need to face is segregation of real and fake accounts. The score provided by the website is not relevant to real engagement on their profiles. Every single account still needs to be manually checked by ourselves.

The second problem in my opinion- that might be a plus in others- is a promotion with the picture you provide. On the other hand that gives you the opportunity for quick and hassle less of creating content by the influencer. I believe it is not a way you want to build your loyal audience and transparent content. Picture provided may not blend to existing influencer profile.

The third problem is a short time of picture in profile. 2 hours or even a 12 with the link in bio might be not enough to be seen by all followers. 

Instagram is a picture and video sharing platform. You need to have a catchy eye content, the influencer should have an amazing audience who love the spread their opinions and have discussion in comments. The low budget influencers in my case didn’t work but I am very courius if shout cart around $250 would bring any better effects?

In my opinion, if you can allow only to spend $50 per month, save and find a real influencer. Create content together, sign up an agreement and build trust worth and long-term cooperation.

What is your opinion? Have you ever try this or similar platform to promote your businesses? Share you experience in comments.


Influencer Intelligence (November 2018). Influencer marketing 2020 [online] Available at:  pp. 6-7,10-11,15 [Accessed 27.11.2018]

YouTube, CNET, Buy Instagram likes at a vending machine [Accessed 12.12.2018]

Leather handbag | Autumn day

Leather handbag

Leather handbag | Autumn day

Have you already seen the new leather handbag?

We were so lucky to catch up some sunshine between rainy days in Glasgow.

We focus on photo shoots of the new handbag that Pawel was working on since last few months. 

Beautiful, saddle tan colour, fully hand stitched and painted edges. Brass details, mini keying with stirrup and hidden key to lock the bag if needed.

On the front there is an additional brass plate with my engraved

On the back there is a zip with pocket to keep all essentials close.

What do you think about this leather hand bag? 

Wool coat- Hobbs

Shoes- Lamica

Jeans- Zara

Sweater-  H&M

Handbag- Vezavi (made to order)

Belt- Vezavi

Snake belt | Real snakeskin belt

Snake belt

Snake belt | Real snakeskin belt

I need to be honest with you…

I’ve never been a big fan of a snake or crocodile-textured products.

When this snakeskin arrived I was surprised how paper thin it was!

Pawel made two matching belts for us.

I need to say: I love them!

It’s a huge difference between real skin and a fake one.

Real is very colourful and textured.

You actually can feel and see all scales.

It became my favourite daily use belt ♡

If you wish to get one snakeskin belt please contact us via email.

We make them to your special order!

And here we are with our matching snake belts!

Mine has beige lining and edges.

snake belt

Horse fashion style | Town & country look

Horse fashion style | Town & country look

Day’s are getting colder and it’s time to wear our favourites autumn pieces.

I am this kind of person who easily gets cold and always tries to keep myself warm.

The best practice is to wear a few layers and use natural, fabrics: wool, cotton, cashmere, leather etc.

These fabrics ‘breath’ and warm up at the same time.

Let’s take a quick look what I had worn that day:

Wool, herringbone blazer- Next

Wool grey scarf- Next

Green jeans- ZARA

Cashmere and wool hat- Dean & White

Leather shoes- Timberland

Basic, long sleeve top- H&M

Slim, horseshoe leather belt- Vezavi (new in!)

What do you like to wear in cold days like these?

Do you have any favourites in your wardrobe?

Horse fashion style

Horse fashion style

Horse fashion style

Personalised leather belt | Our personalisation

personalised leather belt

Personalised leather belt | Our personalisation

Have you ever wonder how you can personalise such a simple thing like a leather belt?

We believe we make something more than just a product.

So that’s why we’d like you to give you an amazing offer of personalisation for almost every single product.

You can put a personal touch to your order.

The type of personalisation depends on the product and leather type.

More details of what personalisation apply can be found in product pick up list and graphics.

So far we offer:

Engraved tags

Our tags are engraved in stainless steel or brass plates.

We offer 2 types of fonts: curved and simple.

Privately, I love the curved one!

The max text is up to 18 characters but we highly recommend to keep it as short as possible!

18 characters are quite small but still clear to read.

Engraved tags apply to belts, belt bags, spur covers and key rings.

Can be put on the front or back of belt bags.

On the belts, they come just next to buckle- if it’s a private message always will be hidden when worn, or just at the end of a belt- proud to be show!

Here is a sneak-peak how engraving process looks like and details of the lovely shiny surface of our tags.

belt bag

Personalised leather belt

personalised key ring

personalised spur covers

Vintage stamp

These stamp letters are very unique.

Is one of the fonts which is no longer available in modern computer formats.

Used to be used in traditional printing presses.

Now has a second life in our workshop.

Similar to engraved tags we offer up to 18 characters- for a special request can be a bit longer.

Available for belts and belt bags, front or back as well.

The curved font will give every product a very special touch.

personalised leather belt

personalised leather belt personalised leather belt personalised belt bag personalised belt bag personalised belt bag

Mini stamp

We use mini stamps (they are vintage too!) to personalise bangle bracelets.

They are very tiny and need to use tweezers to pick them up!

Thanks to the long surface of the bracelet and the size of them you can get personalisation up to 26 characters.

One of the most beautiful ways to hold moments & positive vibes.

Personalised leather bracelet

 Personalised leather bracelet

What to write?

Now the most important part- what to write?

Just by a simple personalisation, you can add a big emotional volume to the product.

Some of you share with us your private stories.

To keep it simple:

  • write just a name- yours, a gifted person, children, your other half
  • the important date in your life
  • initials or capital letters with &- perfect for couples and wedding gifts
  • a short sentence or motivation phrase- that what makes you feel strong!
  • use your imagination to create something very special


Thank you for your time and visit our shop to discover our handcrafted products!

Personalised gift | The magic of personalisation

personalised gift

Looking for a personalised gift?

We are so glad when you share your stories with us.

That makes us believing someone gifted own something very special!

Thank you <3

I am so happy to show you our last video with some close-ups of our personalisation options.

Just a quick sneak-peak to letter stamping( can you see how tiny they are?), engraving and hot foil press.

More details how do we personalised our products to create unique gifts are coming up in the next posts!

For now check more samples here.

Your very own leather belt bag | Smart fanny pack

belt bag

The belt bag accessories were a big boom in the fashion industry in the last years.

Almost every single fashion company introduce belt bag design and the biggest winner and most wanted design was created by Gucci.

When I think ‘a belt bag’ my first thoughts are an ugly fabric fanny pack for travelling or a grand with tiny phone case on the belt.
Well, that doesn’t sound stylish at all.
Since my last colourfull sport fanny pack I got as a child there was a long time until I got a Vezavi one.
I’ve never thought how handy and useful they are when started wearing our bags.
(I think I don’t need to say they look amazing too! 😉 )
So, do you really need a belt bag?
Do you travel or fly?
Spending hours on cycle, run, horse ride or do any outdoor sport?
Crazy about festivals or gigs?
Do you love just taking a walk without a full pocket or carrying on any bag?
If you said YES at least once probably the belt bag would be useful for you.
Do you hate that moment when you are at the airport and every few minutes need to take out your passport or boarding card?
Hell yes, you are not the one who was digging in a big bag to find documents 😉
Since a couple of years, I fly a few times per year.
Need to say it’s much easier when I hold the all-important stuff just close to me, easy to get every minute.

In our offer, you can find a few belt bag designs.

You can pick up just a bag and use your favourite belt or the whole set.

Flat one just to carry on phone, passport and some coins.

You can upgrade it with a small purse just to keep some cash in.

belt bag

Bigger belt bags are thicker and allow you to keep small wallet and keys as well.

Choose from minimalistic with turn lock, more fancy version with tassel, with the classic clasp or boho style!

belt bag

belt bag

They are great to use just by themselves as a small handbag too.

To make your belt bag more unique you can add for free of charge personalisation.

Choose from engraved tags to stamp text. Discover more details about personal touch here.

belt bag personalisation

belt bag personalisation

belt bag personalisation

belt bag personalisation

How to quickly edit video in Photoshop

edit video

How to quickly edit video in Photoshop.

Hands up who stick to one program and don’t want to learn a new one!

Check my guide how to create quick videos in Photoshop.

I can’t recommend it for long and more complicated videos.

Better use  Premier Pro for it 🙂

Women suit- yes or no? | The Prince of Wales check suit

women suit
Women suit- yes or no?
Who remember weirdo square shape and big women suits from the 80s and 90s?
Padded arms and looked like stolen from husband wardrobe.
Luckily last years are fruitful in a nice shape women suits.
Back with one of the first spring sunny days in Glasgow when I had on my women suit in popular Prince of Wales check.
The whole set looks amazing smart but obviously, I can wear separately as well.
As an accent, our anchor buckle red belt and black belt bag.
What do you think about women suit?
Are suits reserved only for male users or look amazing on ladies as well?
Stay smart!
Suit- H&M
Coat- Zara
Knitted sweater- H&M
Belt- Vezavi
Belt bag- Vezavi
Shoes- No name